Adult Community Nanaimo - Testimonials

Is Thornbridge Right for You?

At InSight, we take homeowner’s comments and suggestions very seriously. Our passion is to build
collections of homes that people enjoy living in. For us, that’s always been the greatest reward.

What other Longwood homeowners are saying:

“It is so nice to be able to walk over to Longwood Station and get my groceries and other necessities. The walkway is lovely. My thanks to InSight for developing such a beautiful place.”
— Anna Kuhse

“Longwood House is a beautiful building inside and out. It is a great recreational facility and meeting place.”
— N. Horne

“Living here is a continuing pleasure. There are so many planning and design aspects I appreciate more the longer I’m here. When I relax on my deck, look out over the landscaped gardens and listen to the water falling into the ponds with their colourful plants, I know my choice to live at Mayfield was the right one.”
— Mrs. J.A. Evans